What Ole Miss’ win Over Bama means for Oxford, MS

By Blake Cannon

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If you stayed up late (or were you were lucky enough to be at the game) you may have experienced some pretty strong nerves during the last quarter and a half or so of the game in Tuscaloosa. As you may have seen, Ole Miss was 0-16 coming into the game against #2 AP ranked teams or better. We had also never beat Alabama twice in a row. And playing them on their home turf, made the game that much more interesting. As the lead closed in after Alabama’s onside kick, I, like most other Ole Miss fans, were really feeling the seams start to unravel. But only for a minute! Then as the game progressed, it literally was down to the last seconds of the ball game until we all realized the win was in our grasp and we were going to win what was arguably our most difficult game of the season!

With Ole Miss now being tied for third in the AP poll, it looks to be a very promising year for the Rebels. So what does that have to do with Oxford, Mississippi? I can go back to 2000-2003 (before I actually attended Ole Miss) and talk about the “Eli Era” when Eli was playing his heart out for Ole Miss and fans were coming from all over to see Archie’s son and Peyton’s brother play football. As this was going on, I was told that Oxford started to grow, and when I got into real estate in 2007, I was told that if the football team does well, you can expect to see Oxford do well in real estate. I thought to myself, how is that possible? I could understand that a little bit, but at the same time, there are so many other factors that play a very important role in the growth of Oxford.

As time went on, it would seem that the folks that told me that may have been right, at least a little bit! As Ole Miss started winning, I started seeing more and more visits to my website. I also noticed that more and more people would visit my website just after a ballgame that we won and would actually bleed into the next day on Sunday. I started realizing that as soon as Ole Miss won a football game (no matter who we were playing) I had more website visitors and phone calls that next week than normal of people asking about condos in Oxford and what was available.

As the phenomenon has played out almost every year, I don’t see this year being any different. I can’t say that we have necessarily sold MORE homes or condo because Ole Miss is doing better and better every year it seems like, but I can say it has definitely helped our local economy which has to in turn help our real estate market. As Ole Miss Football keeps getting better and better, I see Oxford, Mississippi becoming a town that is blossoming into a really neat place to call home.

If you are looking for a home or a condo in Oxfrd, I would be honored to help you find it!

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